Praise For The Show!

Over the years, people have had some very kind words for Jimmy's podcast. Here's a sampling!
David Harrison
Hi Brother Jimmy,

It’s about time that I finally write to you Jimmy. I have been following your podcast since early February this year [2010]. I was immediately hooked and went back and downloaded all of your older archived podcasts and have almost caught up listening to them. I really enjoy the interviews with the many guests you have had on your show. I am sure that I have learned more about nutrition and how to be healthy than I ever could have if I took all of the nutrition coursed that I could find in a local college...

I started Atkins on Jan 4th 2010 determined that “this time” it would be a permanent lifestyle change. I say “this time” because I had once before several years ago in about the 2002 – 2003 timeframe done Atkins with good success. I lost from 220 down to about 180 or so but then for some reason I did not follow through with the other phases of Atkins – not sure what happened but as you can guess, I eventually went back to my old ways of eating and gradually gained back all I had lost plus another 12 pounds. I am only 5’ 9” tall so at 232 would be considered obese. I am 59 years old and I finally decided that I was tired of being tired all the time and I was certain that I was pre-diabetic as I could feel my blood sugar swings during the day and would frequently have to take a short nap in the afternoons. I was on an ace inhibiter for high blood pressure and had already quit the Vytorin (a statin) due to joint pains, tingling in my fingers and other possible side effects. I had taken this for maybe 8 months. Fortunately, I have been in pretty good health and had not been to see my doctor for almost a year. As I started losing weight, my blood pressure started dropping. I bought a cuff and tested my BP at least once a day – sometime as many as 4 times a day to get a trend. As my BP dropped, I started taking less of the ace inhibitor and eventually over the course of a month or so, cut it out all together. My BP is now around 110/70 or lower every morning (that was when it used to be highest during the day around 130/85 on the ace inhibitor!). My current weight is now 186. I have been stuck on a plateau for a couple of months even though I stayed in induction (less than 20 grams of carbs per day) phase until finally about three weeks ago, I thought that maybe I would try to move up by 5 grams and see if it made any difference (it may have as I think the trend is starting to be down again very slowly). I have however continued to lose inches very slowly now. I’m down about 10 inches on my waist – from a very tight size 44 to a comfortable size 38. My original goal weight was 165 to 170 where the “charts” say I should be but as we know the so called standard charts are really a bunch of BS. I may eventually get there but eating as I do now is not a challenge so why be in a hurry. I enjoy eating this way. I do not have cravings for all of the foods that I used to eat that I have not had since last year, i.e. doughnuts, brownies, sodas, potatoes (all sorts from potato chips to baked or sweet), rice, pizza, pasta and breads. I really thought that I could not live without pizza but now I can watch others eat these things. It does not make me want them, I just have to fight the urges to tell them (unless I know they will not be offended) what these foods are doing to their bodies...

I regret that I did not write this letter several months ago so that we could exchange a few emails before now. Take care and keep on doing what you are doing. You ARE making a difference in many lives, a lot of them may never even let you know they are out there but they are listening and being encouraged. Your podcasts and web sites have been a great support resource for me and keep me motivated.
James thrower
Hello Jimmy,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much I enjoy your podcast.

In 2002 I did Atkins for about ten months lost 65 pounds and weighed 205 pounds, but did not learn anything but induction and slowly gained the weight back over time. In January 2008, my best friend of 21 years committed suicide and I found him. For the next year and a half I was a mess, drinking too much, eating bar food, emotions out of control, hating life in general. Finally on May 10, 2009 I stopped all alcohol in order to get past my grief and move on in my life. The end of June 09, I stepped on a scale and saw 275 pounds looking back at me. I decided now is the time to drop the weight since I was in that mindset.

I picked up the 2002 version of the Atkins book and started again. I went to the Atkins site to see what products were available only to discover the community forum and the fact that Atkins seemed to have changed. The forum was the greatest tool at my fingers, and it came with caring helpful people. I just finished my 15th month and now weigh 185 pounds. People around me are amazed at my determination, my overall general life and attitude change, and the fact that I dropped 90 pounds in such a short time.

Tracy Marshall posted on the forum about her upcoming interview with you. So I went to see who Jimmy Moore was. I never was much on podcasts but I set my Zune to download yours. In the last month I have listened to 125 of your podcasts and the things I have learned are incredible. I now know I have a reliable place to get the information I need to take my new lifestyle to yet an even higher level. I can only say, Thank You for making it so easy to get the knowledge I need to continue my journey. I will always be a faithful fan.

PS. After hearing how you gave up the diet coke, I decided it was my next step. It has been a month, but it was harder than the alcohol.

James Thrower
Hey Jimmy,

Just wanted to let you know you have a new fan. I started listening a couple months ago when I found your podcast on itunes. I've dabbled with low carb for 5 years or so but made a lifestyle change in Nov 2009. Twenty seven pounds later and at 10% body fat, 58 years old, I have never felt better. Dr Eades has been my inspiration and I've followed Fred Hahn's strength training. Your many guests have further strengthened my resolve. I'm slowly working through the archives...

I must tell you Jimmy I absolutely admire the way you handle the cardiologists who insist on limiting saturated fat. You can confront without offending and maintain respect. Truly amazing.

Thanks for what you do Jimmy. When I listen to your guests I'm sort of "panning for gold nuggets" that are of special interest to me. Like when I heard you mention Alzheimer's. That led me to Nita Scoggans and a protocol I could offer my 90 year old mother. We're only three weeks into it now but I'm optimistic. With out you I would have no treatment options at all.


Mother of Three
Jimmy - my name is [REDACTED] and I am a 32 yr. old mother of three beautiful children. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in February 2009 and I have been told just last week that I may also have Lupus. I have been feeling pretty depressed about the whole thing.

I need to live a long healthy life because of my children and husband. However, I have been fighting obesity ever since I had my first child in 1998. I am only 5'3 and weight 227 pounds (it was 234 lbs. two weeks ago). I found your Livin La Vida LoCarb show when surfing the internet desperately looking for answers to my health and weight issues.

In 2003, I have lost 55 lbs. by following Atkins during that year. I felt great, I looked great and I was happy. Then (influenced by many factors) went back to my old eating habits. I am Hispanic and my husband is also Hispanic, Peruvian to be exact and his diets is based on starches so it was really hard to keep cooking two separate meals for the same household.

Anyhow, after getting my test results and being at my heaviest weight ever, I decided to go back to the only way of eating that satisfies me and makes me happy and I hope that it would also help me manage my health and weight.

You are my inspiration and a Godsend. I have been praying a lot and I am certain that God is answering my prayers thru you. I have been listening to your Podcasts every day at work and they have helped me to stay on track.

I have re-taken Atkins, just two weeks ago and I have lost 7 pounds according to my doctor's scale. I feel much better than two weeks ago before starting Atkins again. I have decided that I want to live and I will commit to this life style for the rest of my life. Thanks for being my inspiration.
Suzie Savoy
Hello Jimmy,

First of all, I love your podcasts. I have downloaded a lot of them on my ipod... Thank you for your informative podcast. I intend to buy your book soon. Your podcast is a lifesaver. I can't tell you how much your podcast has helped me in my weightloss journey. I thought I just had weak willpower, but thru your podcast, I realize that a calorie is just not a calorie. That sugar is the culprit.


Suzie Savoy
Dear Jimmy Moore,

It's true: I have been enslaved by an eating disorder ever since I was a freshman in college. I had been chubby since adolescence and when I entered college I was 145 lbs on a 5'7" frame. Within a month or so of moving into the dorms I heard the girls talk about how they stayed thin on the all-you-can-eat cafeteria food by binging & purging. I tried it out and before long I was hooked. I lost 15 lbs. within a month or so and felt better about my body than I ever had before. The "demon" took it's hold on me and held me in its grip ever since.

That is, until the end of last month (July 2010), when someone advocated eating low carb on a social networking site and specifically recommended your podcast. I decided to try a low carb eating program on Aug. 1. I installed the Atkins app on my iTouch to track my net carb intake and I downloaded all your shows through iTunes.

I've been listening to your interviews with various doctors, scientists, nutritionists, etc. every day and I've learned SO MUCH! I've learned WHY I was so screwed up and addicted to carbs. And why the worst thing I could do was restricting myself to only keeping down low fat foods and "healthy" carbs. I've learned why the lacto-ovo vegetarian diet I adhered to for about 10 years, until I added just a little seafood now and then, also made matters worse for me. I will say that throughout all this I've been physically active as a walker and runner, so I never really lacked energy.

It's been 4 weeks that I've been eating low carb. I put myself on 30g/day because I'm not really "fat" (132 lbs when I started) and thought maybe losing just 5-10 lbs would be nice. I've lost 4 lbs; 1 lb/week. But more, SO MUCH MORE, than that is that in the last 4 weeks I've hardly had the slightest desire to binge/purge! Jimmy, I've been doing that at least once a day for thirty years! Can you imagine?! (I did "slip" 3 times, but I forgave myself and moved on.)

I am free. I can't tell you what that means. You may be able to relate in some way because of your own story, we were both basically "enslaved" by a carb/food addiction. Mine was hidden, though. No one knew. I've lived in my own secret misery most of my life!

I wish the word could get out to others trapped in the hell of an eating disorder. Eating low carb conquers the cravings; eating high fat satisfies without guilt because the weight comes OFF!

Thanks for the work you do, Jimmy! I love ya!

"Beth in Missouri"
Sara George
"I just want to thank you for the work you do."

"I seem to be hooked on your podcasts; not just because I am convinced that I need to eat low carb, but because almost every podcast is about something I am interested in."
Haim Roitgrund
I've listened to many of your shows, made graciously available through the archive, have learned a great deal, and had a good time to boot. I find the interviews informative, and your style genial. I feel that you allow the guests to have their say, which is both respectful and helpful, to both guest and listeners. Some interviews led me to study the guests' work further, be it on the net or through books. And I only started listening recently. I actually mean to browse through all the interviews and listen to many.
George Kerkhoven

I just listened TWICE to the podcast with Dr. Lustig: AWESOME You are probably not aware what good you do to Humanity; you make this highly interesting and IMPORTANT information and scientific work accessible to normal people!!!!!
Donna McCammon
Hi Jimmy,

I first came across your name in the Nutrition and Metabolism news letter. They recommended checking out you podcast. Seeing the word "podcast" was all it took. I had an ipod and listen to podcasts and audiobooks back and forth to work. The first podcast I listened to was 08/31/ 08 with Bill Kurtis talking about grass fed beef. It's been quite a journey since then. Wow--from Steven Gundry, Dr. William Davis, Johnny Bowden, Gary Taubes, Dr. Dwight Lundell, Loren Cordain and on and on it goes. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all you do help us get educated. I am a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator and listening to your shows has totally changed my approach to my own health management and the way I practice. Dr. Davis got me started on the fish oil, niacin, and Low-Dose Vitamin K2. Dr. Lundell provided a way to get better quality more concentrated fish oil. Dr. Gundry's book "The Diet Evolution" got me moving to a more paleolithic diet and then I listened to Loren Cordain and Mark Sisson and along with Gary Taubes, it all just makes so much sense. It's hard to understand why so many health care professionals refuse see the obvious.

I became a diabetes educator in 1998 and shortly after that Sugar Busters was published. The dietitians in the department were outraged that anyone would encourage a carbohydrate intake of only 40%. Being new to the profession, I read the book and it made perfect sense to me. That was only the beginning. So much of what diabetes educators are telling their patients is absolutely wrong and they are really think they are helping. I want to thank you for all the hard work you do to make so much information available to us. I'm sure God led me to your podcasts when I was ready to hear what you had to say.

Because of what I've learned from your show, I try to eat a more paleo diet with fewer and fewer carbs. The dietary changes and supplements have helped me get off my prescription meds and my health is better than ever. I look forward to many more epidodes of the Liven Lavida Low Carb show. I tell my patients about you all the time. Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,

Donna McCammon RN MSN CDE
Karl MacPhee
Mr. Moore,

I feel compelled to send you an email to say thank you for the work you do. Your podcast is wonderful and I appreciate the time it takes to get such a wonderful product out to the masses. I have been listening to your show for a few months now, and I must say that I have learned an incredible amount of valuable information through each show...even the one with the Reverend who hung up on you!

I listen to your shows as I walk with my children in the morning, then continue to listen on the way to work, and again on the way home. I also ensure that I have my iphone in the car when I am shopping for groceries on the weekends so I have been able to get through a number of shows in a short period of time.

So please give yourself a pat on the back because you have certainly created a ripple in our world which continues to get bigger and bigger. A friend once said to me that ripples make waves, and what you have been doing has certainly been making waves in my life, and the lives of many others.

Keep up the great work. I will continue to promote you to all of my friends and family, as well as my readers at

Best of health,

Karl MacPhee
Edmonton Alberta
Travis R. Einertson, DVM
Dear Jimmy,

I have been a big fan of yours for several years. Your podcasts have served as a wealth of information and inspiration for me. This letter is to let you know how much I appreciate what it is that you are doing for the entire low carb community. I finally made a donation to your site and bought your book. Sorry it took me so long.

I’ll try to keep this short, as I can only imagine how busy you are. As you mentioned to Richard Nikoli when he asked how you get so much accomplished, you said “I had to give up sleep.” I wanted to compliment you on the way you conduct your podcasts. I can’t believe that you are able to take the time to read your guests books and websites. You are able to quote certain charts and the page that it is on! I can’t imagine all of the prep work that you must do to prepare yourself for an interview. I especially like the way that you plug their websites and books that they have written. What a great compliment to your guests, even when you might disagree with some of their conclusions. I also admire the way that you can disagree without being disagreeable. I think I may be learning more from you than you know. (I live in Rochester, MN. The home of the Mayo Clinic who is stuck in the CW of “whole grains/ low fat" etc…. So frustrating, but I’ve changed my approach after listening to you.)

I also admire the way you conduct your interviews and allow the guest to explain how they came to their point of view. Your ability to ask questions that lead to good answers rather than a simple yes or no, is a gift. As you once mentioned, you know it is a good interview when you only get to ask two or three questions.

Thank you for all that you do, Jimmy. Keep up the good work.

Travis R. Einertson DVM
Rochester, Minnesota
Andrea MacDonald
Hi Jimmy

This email is long over-due! A good friend of mine recommended your show to me, back in March of this year, when I was embarking on low carb. This is not my first time on the journey; my first forays in low carbing were about ten years ago in order to control severe, recurrent yeast infections. I was successful but gradually fell off the wagon, and although there were some foods I never went back to (regular-carb pasta and sugar, for example) I did let myself slide to the point where I was eating way to many carbs for my own good. I started to get yeast infections again and I gained weight.

I'm happy to report that I am doing quite well since I started in March.

I want to thank you, Jimmy, for providing daily "positive indoctrination" in the form of excellent interviews with top notch people. Not only am I losing my fear of fat but I'm learning a lot about health and nutrition. Thanks to you I've started using coconut oil, my friends and I are looking into "sharing" a grass-fed cow, and I've discovered other wonderful sources like the Weston A. Price Foundation, and blogger Sean from Underground Wellness.

Thanks for the great podcasts. Please keep them coming; you help keep me on track.


Andrea MacDonald
Vancouver, Canada
Lisa Smith
Mr. Moore

For almost two months I followed Atkins induction phase with great results. I felt great, I had no more stomach issues, had plenty of energy etc... But, every time I mentioned to my friends and family that I was on a low carb diet I got all these awful comments. What was bothering me most was the comments about “a low carb diet is going to cause Cancer due to the high fat, high meat lifestyle.” I was watching Dr. Oz and he too was saying the same thing and adding that without a high grain, fiber diet, one could develop Colon Cancer and other horrible cancers. And then their was the artificial sweeteners comments and their Cancer connection. Needless to say, I quit low carb, gained all the weight back (around 12 lbs) began my lethargy, stomach aches, joint pain and headaches...Peer Pressure I guess.

To make a long story short, I began listening to your podcasts and listened to what the M.D’s were saying and what you and other guests were saying and I am back on the wagon. I do not understand why the the majority of medical professionals are so against low carb diets, it is very frustrating!

With each pregnancy I was put on a low carb diet, my father who is diabetic is on a low carb diet, and I felt better on a low carb diet. I have to admit though, I find figuring out what to eat challenging as I am lactose intolerant too. I am SICK of eggs for breakfast and need to be able to feed my entire family low carb dishes as it is too expensive to make two separate meals...and that Cancer monster keeps sneaking back in my consciousness.

Thank you so much for your podcast, blog, and discussion board, I truly appreciate your efforts.

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