738: Miriam Kalamian Offers Hope To Cancer Patients With The Ketogenic Diet

738: Miriam Kalamian Offers Hope To Cancer Patients With The Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet for cancer educator Miriam Kalamian is our interview guest today in Episode 738 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”



Cancer is an ugly word in our society and rightfully so. Despite all the best efforts by the most intelligent medical researchers in the world to come up with an effective way to prevent and control this disease, most have fallen woefully short of the mark in helping people who are afflicted with this scary diagnosis. But in recent years we have been hearing about the therapeutic effects of a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carbohydrate ketogenic nutritional approach as a complementary treatment for cancer. People like Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, Elaine Cantin, Dr. Thomas Seyfried, Dr. Eugene Fine and Dr. Colin Champ are on the front lines of this cutting-edge look at the power of nutrition in dealing with cancer. They are not alone.

Miriam Kalamian is a credentialed nutrition professional who found out the tragic news that her 4-year old son Raffi had a brain tumor the size of an orange in December 2004. After failing to see any improvement in Raffi’s condition with all the conventional cancer treatment methods, Miriam stumbled across the ketogenic diet through the work of Boston College cancer researcher Dr. Seyfried and his book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer. After looking into this diet further, she realized that cancer is indeed a metabolic disease and should be treated as such. When she saw how children with epilepsy are able to implement this diet into their lives therapeutically, Miriam proceeded to put Raffi on the ketogenic nutritional approach designed to produce an adequate amount of ketone bodies to serve as an alternative fuel source without exacerbating the cancer. The results Miriam saw were unbelievable and convinced her there’s a lot more to the ketogenic approach than most doctors, oncologists and cancer researchers even realize.

Listen in as Jimmy and Miriam talk about her ketogenic journey with Raffi that sadly ended in April 2013, why keeping the message and implementation of a ketogenic diet simple is how to best help people with cancer, the purpose of keeping glucose levels as low as possible, why you want to increase the number ketones bodies in your blood, the critical nature of limiting protein intake for the ketogenic diet to be most effective, overcoming the fat-phobia that paralyzes people from trying keto, how the amino acid glutamine found in nearly every protein fuels cancer cells, what stress can do to unravel the benefits of a ketogenic diet approach, the importance of realizing the ketogenic diet alone is not a cure for cancer but rather another strategy in helping to manage the disease, and a whole lot more! Miriam has worked with hundreds of cancer patients educating them on how to make this work for them. We’ll be hearing a lot more about ketogenic diets for cancer in the years to come, so check out this interview with one of the people helping to bring it to the masses.


NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3


NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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