534: Diana Rodgers Educating The Public On Real Food, Traditional Diets For Optimal Health

534: Diana Rodgers Educating The Public On Real Food, Traditional Diets For Optimal Health

Nutritional therapy practitioner and healthy living activist Diana Rodgers is our guest today on The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

Diana dealt with a series of health concerns as a child that led her down a journey to find the diet that was right for her. Doctors thought she might have lactose intolerance and recommended to her parents to have her drink soy milk which led to the inevitable hunger, fatigue and digestive issues. She became passionate about the subject of real food during high school after working at a roadside stand featuring fresh foods from a local farm in New York state. Diana didn’t realize the answer to her poor digestion was staring her in the face in that food she was selling as a teenager.

It wasn’t until her mid-20’s before Diana finally had the answer to what plagued her–it was Celiac Disease that was causing her all the problems. She immediately implemented a gluten-free diet and got better which fueled her desire to learn more and more about the role food plays on health. What she discovered ignited a fire within her to educate everyone she comes into contact with about the life-changing benefits of consuming real, whole, nutrient-dense foods that comprised the traditional diets of our early ancestors.

Diana and her family now run their own family farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts and are active in their community promoting a dramatic shift in the way “food” is perceived by the general public. In her interview with Jimmy, don’t miss what Diana did to bring about change in the local public schools where her children attend. What would happen if everyone took their passion for healthy living to the degree that Diana Rodgers has? We’d be healthier and happier than we ever thought possible! Enjoy this engaging conversation about what it means to eat real food.

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