527: Encore Week 2012 – Blood Sugar 101 Creator Jenny Ruhl

527: Encore Week 2012 – Blood Sugar 101 Creator Jenny Ruhl

Hey everyone and welcome back to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore for Jimmy’s annual “Encore Week” episodes where he has invited YOUR favorite podcast guests from the previous year. “Encore Week” 2012 has been well-received so far featuring interviews on Monday with Swedish LCHF physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and then again on Tuesday with Perfect Health Diet co-author Paul Jaminet.

Today’s interview features an expert in the subject of blood sugar and diabetes named Jenny Ruhl from “Blood Sugar 101.” Ruhl supports the use of carbohydrate-restriction as a means for obtaining optimal blood sugar readings, especially for diabetics, and believes blood sugar control is much more important than wondering what your insulin level is. One of the most fascinating parts of Jimmy’s original July 2011 interview with her in Episode 486 was how she spoke so matter-of-factly regarding a wide variety of issues in the low-carb community that had your eyebrows doing jumping jacks. Expect more of the same in this follow-up interview from one of the best of the best interview guests of 2011!

Plus, Ruhl answers these questions from LLVLC Show listeners:

Have you done any research looking at the human insulin response to artificial sweeteners? Do you know anyone who has done, not just an N=1 blood sugar test on Diet Coke, for example, but to measure their insulin response to Diet Coke, even though blood sugar may not be raised.

What is the real heart disease risk to diabetics and the effectiveness of statins for diabetics, especially for primary prevention?

I’m 58 years old, 5’5″ and 168 lbs. Before low-carb I had gotten up to 215. I got myself a blood glucose monitor a couple of months ago. And last night I made sweet potatoes and white rice with egg for the dogs and, for the first time, ate a big bowl myself thinking they were safe starches. I ate 1/2 of a large sweet potato and two ladles full of rice and 1 egg. About 30-45 mins. later I tested my blood sugar and it was 241! What damage did that do to me? I tried testing again a couple hours later and it was back to 124. First thing this morning after an overnight fast, it was 103. After the very high reading yesterday, I became very sleepy for about an hour and then I CRAVED sugar! Any comments on this?

I am very near sighted. When I was a kid, every year I would go to the eye doctor and need a stronger prescription. Could high blood sugar then from spending Saturday mornings eating candy in front of the TV for hours on end be the reason for my eyesight deterioration?

I read so many studies on PubMed and Medscape and it is so contradictory at least regarding meat vs. carbs regarding cancer, weight gain, and Type 2 diabetes. How can we distinguish between what research is real or just some researchers who have a hypotheses that they want to be true?

I’m diabetic, and I’ve been following a very low-carb diet to control my blood sugar. Most days, I eat fewer than 20 grams of carbs, all from vegetables and nuts. No gluten, no sugar. My blood sugar has really responded well, especially my post-prandial numbers, but I simply cannot get my fasting sugars into the normal range. I’ve also been exercising and even taking a dose of insulin some nights, but in the morning my blood sugar is always above 120. Does Jenny have any suggestions for me?

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