526: Encore Week 2012 – ‘Perfect Health Diet’ Author Paul Jaminet

526: Encore Week 2012 – ‘Perfect Health Diet’ Author Paul Jaminet

Hey everyone and welcome back to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore for Jimmy’s annual “Encore Week” episodes where he invites YOUR favorite podcast guests from the previous year. “Encore Week” 2012 started off well with Swedish LCHF physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt on Monday and continues on today with yet another fabulous and somewhat controversial guest in Perfect Health Diet author Paul Jaminet. After Jimmy first interviewed him on this podcast in March 2011, he became extremely curious about one of the key concepts in his nutritional program known as “safe starches” (white potatoes, white rice, tapioca, etc. for their low level of toxins) that spawned a series of blog posts that began in earnest a very serious and important discussion within the low-carb and Paleo communities–even drawing several insightful and spirited responses from noted nutrition-minded physicians Dr. Ron Rosedale and Dr. Joseph Mercola. Listen to Paul discuss his reaction to the “buzz” that happened in 2011 about this and what he has in store for 2012!

Plus, Jaminet answers these questions from LLVLC Show listeners:

If “safe starches” raise a diabetic’s blood sugar, should he or she still eat them?  As a Type 2, I’ve always observed the principle of eating to your meter and most “safe starches” jack up my blood sugar.

What are your thoughts on the potential lack of toxicity of fructose within the context of very low polyunsaturated fat presence; both dietary and stored PUFA?

Are cassava flour, plantain flour, arrowroot, and wild rice all safe starches?

Do you have an opinion on nutritional yeast for a cheese-like flavor for those who can’t eat dairy? I avoid autolyzed yeast and yeast extract because they are supposed to be excitotoxins (MSG), but I don’t know if that also applies to nutritional yeast?

Do you recommend any specific tests (such as the GI Effects test from Metametrix) to test for infectious organisms like parasites? Do you have any thoughts about using high dose oregano oil to kill parasites (such as Biotics “ADP” product which is standardized sustained release oregano)? One of Biotics’ recent webinars referenced a study where 600 mg of oregano given for 6 weeks effectively killed parasites.

Many people go “cold turkey” by dropping their carbs to a very low level and after losing weight, experimenting to see how much carbs each day they can tolerate before putting on weight. Do any have thoughts about a “soft-landing” approach where carbs are reduced week by week until weight starts falling, thereby avoiding any negative symptoms of the big drop?

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