525: Encore Week 2012 – Swedish LCHF Physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt

525: Encore Week 2012 – Swedish LCHF Physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt

Happy New Year and welcome back to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore for the very first episode of 2012 featuring a brand new interview with one of 2011’s most popular guests Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt! He’s the first interview as part of Jimmy’s annual “Encore Week” episodes where he invites back the best of the best from the previous year. “Encore Week” 2012 starts off with one of the biggest low-carb superstars in the Scandinavian world in Dr. Eenfeldt who is taking what they call LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) to a whole new level of mainstream acceptance that will have you longing for the same kind of revolution to begin happening in the United States.

Plus, Dr. Eenfeldt answers these questions from LLVLC Show listeners:

Could Dr. Eenfeldt comment on the saturated fat tax in his neighboring Scandanavian country of Denmark?

Why do I gain weight like gangbusters if I go off the ketogenic diet I’m adapted to and why do I not lose weight when I return to the ketogenic state? My fasting insulin is VERY LOW by the way.

A common topic in the low-carb community are the struggles of women over 40 eating this way. We all know men have a much easier time losing the weight than women, esp. women over 40. But none of the experts has ever to my knowledge addressed any tips or tricks especially for this group. Do women need to balance their estrogen before they can lose the weight? Or after 40 is just impossible for women to fully return to a normal pre-menopause weight?

I’m from the UK and my total cholesterol level at the beginning of the year 2011 was 4.87. Now, when I had my cholesterol measured a few weeks ago after eating low-carb, high-fat for nearly one year it had risen to a massive 8.58. The only thing that has changed is my diet, but I understood that high fat eating has no impact on cholesterol levels in the blood! Is there an upper total cholesterol limit that is regarded as unsafe? Should I be pleased that my cholesterol is so high or does this have any negative health implications?

What is the best way to talk to my endocrinologist about low-carb, high-fat?  She was happy to hear I was cutting starches and sugars, but as soon as I said the word “Atkins” she said “Atkins causes heart attacks” and “Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack.” She then went on to tell me I should do the lower-fat, low-carb South Beach Diet if I wanted to do low carb.  Needless to say, a heated discussion ensued after that.  Do you have any special tips regarding the best way to approach my doctor? Should I simply try and find another endocrinologist?

To what extent can a ketogenic diet impact the thyroid and/or adrenal health of a person with sub-clinical thyroid and/or adrenal dysfunction? Does low-dose cortisol impact insulin resistance?

If your doctor has told you that they want to put you on statins, what (evidenced-based) references would you quote to argue against it?

Is there any truth to the creation of a slowed metabolism as a result of an extended low carb diet?

I would like to know if he has experience putting people without gallbladders on high-fat low carb diets and if so, how do they do?

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