520: ‘Sugar Nation’ Author Jeff O’Connell And Dr. B G From The ‘Animal Pharm’ Blog


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Today Jimmy welcomes Jeff O’Connell, author of Sugar Nation, and “Dr. B G” (AKA Grace) from the Animal Pharm blog to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

Jeff O’Connell is the editor-in-chief at Bodybuilding.com and sought to find out everything he could about the subject of sugar with a family history of diabetes and health concerns. What he discovered speaking with people like former podcast guests Dr. Mary Vernon, Dr. Jay Wortman, and Dr. Eric Westman is that consuming a diet rich in healthy fats and limited in carbohydrates is the perfect way to be optimally healthy. His book identifies the problem with foods that turn to sugar in the body and offers up ways people can beat their addiction to sugar/carbohydrates.

Then in the second interview, we welcome the lovable blogger who goes by the moniker “Dr. B G” (but you’ll hear Jimmy calling her by her given name Grace) from the “Animal Pharm” blog. She’s a staunch advocate of high-fat, low-carb living, but also recognizes many of the basic tenets of Paleo diets as well for some people. Jimmy and Grace had a fun time chatting about all sorts of subjects in the realm of health. It’s been a long time coming bringing you this interview and we’re stoked to share it with you today!

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– Support our sponsor: PaleoPlan.com (use coupon code “LLVLC” for a special exclusive discount for our listeners)
Jeff O’Connell bio
Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It
Dr. B G (Grace) bio
Dr. B G’s “Animal Pharm” blog

4 Responses to 520: ‘Sugar Nation’ Author Jeff O’Connell And Dr. B G From The ‘Animal Pharm’ Blog
  1. STG
    December 7, 2011 | 8:09 am

    Thank you for having Jeff O’Connell as one of your guests. I have been anticipating this interview because I think that Sugar Nation is a really inportant health book and personal narrative! Jeff is truly a gifted writer and meticulous researcher. He explains clearly the seriousness and complications from prediabetes and diabetes.

    • Anonymous
      December 8, 2011 | 3:19 pm

      And a super nice guy too. Kinda low-key, but we perked him up a bit for the interview. :)

  2. Don Knotts
    December 8, 2011 | 4:34 pm

    Heheheh Jimmy you silly fat blob, you are so dumb.
    You blame obesity, especially your own, on carbohydrate based foods, ignorning that those were JUNK foods.  And even then, they are not all carb-heavy foods.  Your examples of donuts have about half the calories coming from fat alone!

    Also, Little Debbie have over 40% of calories coming from fat.

    You got fat on too many calories, silly Jimmy, and that includes too much fat.  If you weren’t eating junk food in the first place, I doubt you would be stuffing yourself on potatoes, rice, apples, or table sugar.  Silly Jimmy Moore blaming carbs for getting fat on junk food made up of half fat!

    Also, do you really think Jessica Biel ate 24 donuts in that binge (nothing compared to a Jimmy Moore Food Binge)?  Of course not – she says she was there with multiple friends, and she only ate as much as she could put in her mouth.  You think her appetite would last long enough and her stomach could expand enough to suddenly fit that volume?

    Jimmy Moore wrote:
    “I don’t think anybody actually needs two dozen donuts and two large pizzas in one sitting. What she did wasn’t just low-carb, but it was low-fat as well.”
    LOL – no, she did not eat 24 donuts and 2 large pizzas in one sitting all by herself.  I would bet even amongst all her friends they didn’t finish all that food.  Silly Moore Food Boy!

    And again, the donuts are HALF fat!  You could have never been Moore Wrong in using this as an example of her being addicted to carbs.  I guess she was also addicted to fat too by this example.

    What an ordinary person can see is that she was starving herself and needed to eat.  The hungrier we are, the less discriminate we are in our food choices.


    Who would buy a book on health written by a food addict like you?

    The day Jessica Biel hires you as a weight loss coach!


    Her binge involved lots of fat – pizza and donuts are at least half fat.
    Silly Moore Food boy.


    Jimmy Moore got fat on junk food including Little Debbies and Sausage McMuffins – those have a great deal of calories from fat.  He overate fat.  He still does.  So he is still fat.

  3. Gina
    December 19, 2011 | 10:51 pm

    Loved hearing Jeff speak…downloaded his book on my phone even before the interview was over. Thanks Jimmy!!!! Mele Kalikimaka  to you and Christine :)

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