500: Hitting A Historic Milestone 500th Podcast Episode


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Welcome back for a very exciting and historic milestone–today we celebrate the 500th episode of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

I think we can be excused for tooting our own horn, after all 500 episodes in five years is a lot of work, and we (Jimmy Moore, his producer Kevin, and all the staff at Disc of Light Media) would like to think we’ve changed a lot of minds and lives over the last half-decade. So today we have a trove of 40 of many of our favorite guests from the entire span of the show sharing their thoughts and anecdotes about the impact “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast has had on them personally, professionally and to the greater health movement at large.

From the bottom of our hearts, we offer up our sincerest thanks to every single one of you, including all of the hundreds of thousands of faithful listeners, our amazing interview guests and the generous sponsors for helping us make this show the overwhelming success that it has become! And we show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. You keep listening, supporting our sponsors and offering up donations and we’ll keep doing this for many more years to come! God bless you guys!

Robb Wolf (Episode 433 and 363)
Hank Garner (Episode 487)
Angelo Coppola (Episode 434)
Dana Carpender (Episode 158)
Sarah Fragoso (Episode 482)
Nicki Anderson (Episode 124)
Dr. Robert Su (Episode 249)
Dr. James Carlson (Episode 215, 146 and 145)
Dr. Eric Westman (Episode 338 and 54)
Jackie Eberstein (Episode 389, 153 and 152)
Colette Heimowitz (Episode 167)
Denise Minger (Episode 430 and 405)
Richard Nikoley (Episode 347)
Mark Sisson (Episode 320, 270 and 176)
Chris Masterjohn (Episode 431 and 314)
Diane Sanfilippo (Episode 450)
Nora Gedgaudas (Episode 485, 323, and 295)
Cathy Payne (Episode 344)
Dr. Mike Eades (Episode 286, 134 and 133)
Dr. Larry McCleary (Episode 463, 385 and 229)
Dr. Jay Wortman (Episode 137)
Mindy Noxon Iannotti (Episode 1 of Low-Carb Conversations)
Jennifer Eloff (Episode 417)
Valerie Berkowitz (Episode 251)
Sean Croxton (Episode 260)
Dr. Jonny Bowden (Episode 352, 300, 166, 114 and 113)
George Stella (Episode 309)
Dr. William Davis (Episode 495, 214, 186 and 185)
Dr. John Briffa (Episode 408 and 292)
Dr. Gil Wilshire (Episode 84)
Dr. Ann Childers (Episode 437)
Karly Pitman (Episode 227, 130 and 129)
Andrew DiMino (Episode 38)
Dr. Joe Leonardi (Episode 252)
Dr. Loren Cordain (Episode 449 and 247)
Dr. Ron Rosedale (Episode 365)
Dr. Fred Pescatore (Episode 483)
Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt (Episode 494)
Fred Hahn (Episode 202)
Tom Naughton (Episode 226)
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