Must-Hear Podcast Interviews After Attending The 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium

Over 600 attended the inaugural Ancestral Health Symposium

We’re still away for a little while longer during my three-week sabbatical from working on my blog and podcast show. It’s been good to get away with the disappointing news about our failed embryo adoption and we are so grateful to everyone for their outpouring of love and support for us through this time. Christine and I have enjoyed just being together through this experience and contemplating where we go from here if we are to pursue having a family beyond the two of us. We’re becoming more and more comfortable with it just being us. We did have a couple more crazy things happen since I last blogged: my second-to-youngest cat Smokey was dead when we got home from Los Angeles this weekend and two of the tires on my car needed replacing. Life sometimes has a cruel way of reminding you it’s there. Trudging forward.

I’m excited about airing brand new episodes of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” in just a couple more weeks and we’ve got special back-to-back interviews to share every Monday and Thursday for the next few months. But since I thoroughly enjoyed my time attending the very first Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS) held on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles, CA on August 5-6, 2011, I wanted to take some time to write this post to say hey to the new AHS friends I met last weekend and to invite them to take a listen to my interviews with the superstars of Paleo and low-carb living. I met so many of the biggest names in the Paleo/primal/low-carb universe as well as many of the biggest uber-fans of The LLVLC Show who shared with me how much they appreciate the information that is provided here week after week. It was gratifying to know my work is having such a direct impact on the lives of so many.

In fact, most of the speakers and people attending AHS have been on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” previously or will be in the upcoming months. Since I’ll still be away for a little while longer and I had a little bit of time today to squeeze in this post for you, I thought I’d compile a list of the podcast interviews for those who attended #AHS11 (the popular hashtag that was used during the live tweeting that took place during the event) who are pining to hear a little more in case you’re already having AHS withdrawals like I am.

So, if you wanna listen to my previous interviews with the AHS speakers and attendees or if you’d like to listen again after seeing them in LA, then check ’em out below. I assure you we’ll be back with brand new episodes beginning again on August 22, 2011 with a fabulous doubleheader to kick us back into high gear again featuring the raw vegan advocate Durianrider from “30 Bananas A Day” (yes, we FINALLY got it recorded!) and Don Matesz from “Primal Wisdom” who recently said “Farewell To ‘Paleo’.” That’s one episode you WON’T want to miss!

Here’s a list of my past interviews with AHS speakers in the order they appeared in LA:
Ancestral Health Symposium (Episode 391)
Dr. Loren Cordain (Episode 449)
Dr. Loren Cordain (Episode 247)
Robb Wolf (Episode 433)
Robb Wolf (Episode 363)
Stephan Guyenet (Episode 374)
Dr. Emily Deans (Episode 490)
Gary Taubes (Episode 439-Part 1)
Gary Taubes (Episode 439-Part 2)
Gary Taubes (Episode 401)
Gary Taubes (Episode 213)
Gary Taubes (Episode 139)
Gary Taubes (Episode 140)
Dr. Mike Eades (Episode 286)
Dr. Mike Eades (Episode 133)
Dr. Mike Eades (Episode 134)
Nell Stephenson (Episode 399)
Dr. Richard Feinman (Episode 135)
Dr. Richard Feinman (Episode 136)
Chris Masterjohn (Episode 431)
Chris Masterjohn (Episode 314)
Dr. Robert Lustig (Episode 429)
Dr. Robert Lustig (Episode 378)
Mat Lalonde (Episode 419)
Mark Sisson (Episode 320)
Mark Sisson (Episode 270)
Mark Sisson (Episode 176)
Denise Minger (Episode 430)
Denise Minger (Episode 405)
Nora Gedgaudas (Episode 485)
Nora Gedgaudas (Episode 323)
Nora Gedgaudas (Episode 295)
Melissa McEwen (Episode 413)
Tom Naughton (Episode 226)
John Durant (Episode 379)
Richard Nikoley (Episode 347)
Dr. Doug McGuff (Episode 239)
Erwan LeCorre (Episode 484)
Keith Norris and Skyler Tanner (Episode 475)
Sarah Fragoso (Episode 482)

Upcoming podcast interviews set to air in 2011 with AHS speakers:
August 22, 2011–Don Matesz
September 1, 2011–Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
September 19, 2011–Jamie Scott
September 26, 2011–Dr. Vivian Shelton
October 6, 2011–Dr. Seth Roberts

People appearing on my LLVLC Show podcast who attended the 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium:
Dr. Jack Kruse (Episode 474) (should be speaker in 2012!)
Karen Pendergrass (Episode 467)
Paul Jaminet (Episode 453) (not sure why he didn’t speak)
Diane Sanfilippo (Episode 450)
Danny Roddy (Episode 445)
Josh Trent (Episode 406)
Adam Kosoff (Episode 355)
Kevin Koskella (Episode 353)
Laura Dolson (Episode 233)

People appearing on “Low-Carb Conversations” podcast who attended the 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium:
Misty Humphrey (Episode 20)
Tony Kenck (Episode 19)

People who didn’t attend the 2011 AHS event, but should speak or attend in 2012:
Aajonus Vonderplanitz (Episode 481)
Michael Rose (Episode 478)
Dr. Art Ayers (Episode 476)
Tim Ferriss (Episode 468)
Dr. Larry McCleary (Episode 463)
Art DeVany (Episode 451)
Todd Becker (Episode 441)
Dr. Kurt Harris (Episode 432) (where are you?)
Geoff Bond (Episode 388)
CJ Hunt (Episode 376)
Lierre Keith (Episode 334)
Julia Ross (Episode 421)
Dr. Jorge Flechas (Episode 283)
Sally Fallon (Episode 261)
Sean Croxton (Episode 260)
Dr. Mary Newport (Episode 240)
Dr. Daniel Chong (Episode 222)
Dr. William Davis (Episode 214)
Doug Kaufmann (Episode 132)

I plan on writing a post about the 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium…but I’m still officially supposed to be on vacation and away from here until August 22, 2011. I better get off of this computer before Christine has my head. If you’d like to see the slides of the presentations given, then CLICK HERE. Video will be available soon at the official AHS web site. See what other attendees are saying about their experience at #AHS11 in these fabulous wrap-up posts:

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Healthy Mind Fit Body
Primal Wisdom
Nell Stephenson
Matt Metzgar
The Paleo Garden
Dr. Jack Kruse
Diet Doctor (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)
Big Think
Dr. Emily Deans
Whole Health Source
Hunt.Gather.Love (Part 1) (more coming soon!)
The Daily Lipid
That Paleo Guy

This should keep you plenty busy until I can share my thoughts when I return on August 22, 2011. ENJOY!