226: Tom Naughton’s ‘FAT HEAD’ Turns The Tables On ‘Supersize Me’


Hello and welcome back to your favorite health and nutrition podcast The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore! Today, Jimmy talks with and proudly introduces you to a documentarian (and comedian) named Tom Naughton.

Tom has a real beef with Morgan Spurlock, the infamous creator of Supersize Me. As you may recall, Spurlock’s claim to fame made the assertion that fast food specifically from McDonald’s is leading the U.S. into an obesity epidemic by offering unhealthy, addictive food and pushing larger and larger food servings. In contrast, though, Tom Naughton’s response documentary, FAT HEAD, claims that this is “a load of bologna!”

We hear from Tom in today’s interview about some of the key themes of FAT HEAD: namely that it shows that obesity is NOT an epidemic, is overdiagnosed, is not a disease and is not a death sentence. Further, with the help of some key low-carb consultants Dr. Mike Eades and Gary Taubes, he shows that it is very possible to lose weight AND improve your health markers on a purely fast food diet by simply applying some common sense and avoiding insulin triggering menu items.

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