484: Primal Playtime With MovNat’s Erwan Le Corre | Jenna Phillips’ Mission Possible


Erwan Le Corre and Jenna Phillips are our guests today on The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

Erwan Le Corre thinks that taking a playful attitude towards being active and learning to “move naturally” is far better for us than monotonous working out on machines in an air-conditioned gym. Jumping, running and climbing are his preferred ways of getting in the primal exercise spirit in a program he calls MovNat. Listen in as he and Jimmy talk about everything from Parkour to running from pretend dinosaurs! It’s an exercise experience like none you’ve ever heard about before.

Then, we hear the incredibly triumphant tale of Jenna Phillips who tells us about her inspirational survivor’s story of overcoming brain trauma and Type 1 diabetes as a teenager to go on to create her own fitness program called Mission Possible where she has had the privilege of working with some A-list Hollywood actors. This is an unbelievable story of perseverance and dedication to excellence even when everyone says it cannot be done that you surely will NOT want to miss!

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Erwan Le Corre bio
MovNat official web site
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Mission Possible with Jenna Phillips

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2 Responses to 484: Primal Playtime With MovNat’s Erwan Le Corre | Jenna Phillips’ Mission Possible
  1. Kim
    July 3, 2011 | 8:06 am

    Thank you, Jimmy for more great interviews.

    I enjoyed and was inspired by Erwan and Jenna this morning on my run through New Mexico ranchlands! I know in my heart that Erwan’s approach to movement is spot on and I hear the passion in his voice to bring this to the people who so need to hear him. I sincerely appreciate that his desire is for all people and not just for elite athletes. I know so many people who just don’t understand what they can do. I used to be one! I enjoyed the part of the interview where you both agreed on that.

    And what a special person Jenna is. I have recently made a new resolution to “seek inspiration everyday”. Jenna certainly provided that for me this morning! I have been putting off Twitter but she’s the one who will make me sign up. Today!

    Thank you, Jimmy for the good work you do. You are truly bringing goodness to the world…including mine!

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