476: Dr. Art Ayers And His Low-Carb, High-Fat Anti-Inflammatory Diet


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Dr. Art Ayers, author of the “Cooling Inflammation” blog, and Danny Wyrwas from GetYourHealthTested.com our guests today on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!”

First up, we’ll hear from Danny Wyrwas, the guy behind the web site you’ve been hearing about on this podcast for the past few months called GetYourHealthTested.com. Danny is a fencing contractor who is incredibly passionate about healthy living and wants others to experience that same enthusiasm for what optimal health can look like. Listen to him share why he feels everyone should test their health to know where they stand.

Then in the main interview today, Jimmy speaks with Dr. Art Ayers who explores the effect of inflammation on human health and particularly the problems pertaining to what we eat, how our bodies respond to the foods we consume, and the resulting impact on a wide variety of chronic diseases that can develop because of the consumption of certain foods that disrupt the hormones (can you say carbs?). Listen in as Dr. Ayers discusses carbohydrate consumption, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, gut flora, avoiding flax oil in favor of fish oil, impaired Vitamin D absorption, and much, MUCH more!

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Dr. Ayers’ Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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5 Responses to 476: Dr. Art Ayers And His Low-Carb, High-Fat Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  1. Suzan
    June 4, 2011 | 12:49 pm

    Thanks for this interview. I’ve been reading his blog. Lots of interesting info. I have had lifelong dental problems, now being treated with PerioProtect, which works by using topical (mouth dental trays) antibiotics – so no antibiotics are ingested. I’m sure that my long-term periodontal issues have been a factor in ongoing inflammation, and weight issues.

  2. Jill
    June 5, 2011 | 2:02 pm

    Fascinating interviews. The book I am reading at present, Wild Health, how animals keep themselves well and what we can learn from them, explains similar topics. In the wild, nature is the pharmacy and every animal is a practitioner. Chimps select anti-parasitic medicines to deal with parasites. Elephants walk miles to find the clay that helps counter dietary toxins. Birds line their nests with aromatic herbs. Many animal strategies may be relevant to improved animal husbandry and human health care. The author Cindy Engel has a Ph.D. and a practitioner of holistic medicine. Thanks Jimmy.

  3. Mike Ellwood
    June 7, 2011 | 2:44 pm

    One thing I picked up on was the possibility that the grains we are (all too often) feeding our cattle on are giving them inflammatory diseases, thus leading to antibiotic treatment, thus leading to … what, I wonder?

    • Jimmy Moore
      June 8, 2011 | 6:01 pm

      Sick cows make sick people? That’s why it’s best to stick with grass-fed? I dunno.

  4. cancerclasses
    June 7, 2011 | 7:29 pm

    Here’s something interesting in Google Books about antibiotic resistant bacteria, soil destruction & fungi proliferation, more CO2 & global warming, antibiotic contamination of produce grown in contaminated soil, allergic reactions, yeast infections, systemic fungemia & other bad stuff. http://goo.gl/G21DC

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