265: Reinhard Engels Presents The 14-Word ‘No S Diet’


Hello and welcome back to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

Today Jimmy shares a conversation with a colleague from his earliest days in podcasting, Reinhard Engels. Reinhard is the creator of The No “S” Diet, a model of simplicity aimed at leveraging the psychology of diet with the utility of simple systems. Jimmy and Reinhard began podcasting together in 2006 on Chris Brogan’s “Fat Guy Gets Fit” podcast, and then the Health Hacks Podcast, hosted by Jimmy’s current producer, Kevin Kennedy-Spaien.

Because there is nothing inherently pro or con to the low-carb dietary approach in The No “S” Diet, it can be used as a tool for low-carbers, low-fatties or almost anyone intending to lose weight. It has the added advantage of boosting one’s sense of self-discipline through simple and minor changes applied consistently.

Reinhard also shares his ab-ripping exercise technique known as “Shovelglove” which works by spending 14 minutes a day role-playing as a 19th century farm laborer–with a sledge hammer wrapped in a sweater! Odd though it may sound, it really works! Enjoy this rather peculiarly interesting conversation today.

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