416: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum Helps You Beat Sugar Addiction Now! And A Kimkins Trial Update From Attorney John Tiedt


Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum, author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now!, and John Tiedt, plaintiff’s attorney in the Kimkins lawsuit, are our guests today on The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore.

Wow, it’s a really full episode today! First, Jimmy welcomes a fabulous new sponsor and former guest, Adam Kosloff, author of The Low-Carbers Survival Guide, a great new e-book to help guide you through eating in the real world.

Our featured interview is with Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum, who has struggled to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome which initially caused him to drop out of medical school and become homeless. But he has gone on to have a successful career as a physician helping others avoid fibromyalgia as well as disorders like candida by avoiding sugar. His book Beat Sugar Addiction Now! is designed to help you identify the nature of your specific form of sugar addiction to help you conquer it and the “yeasty beasties” that thrive in those on a sugar-rich diet.

Finally we have a last-minute interview with attorney John Tiedt on the outcome of the Kimkins class action suit following more than three years of investigation and litigation. For those who don’t remember, the Kimkins diet was created as a multi-tiered diet plan by fraudster Heidi Diaz, A.K.A. Kimberly Drake, “Kimmer” and many other names she used. The plan was run via a paid-subscription online community site which, much like a cult, had a secret “hidden diet” within the diet where people who were having trouble losing weight were berated, told to eat less than 500 calories a day (sometimes only 300 calories!) and take laxatives. On this high-level plan, the goal was to feel too nauseated to eat much of anything, a state referred to by Kimmer as “SNATT” or Slightly Nauseous All The Time.

Jimmy has a personal stake in this case, as Diaz tricked him into giving her publicity by describing the plan as a “lower-fat version of Atkins.” But Jimmy isn’t alone, or even close to the most harmed in this. Former members have suffered baldness, heart palpitations, the development of eating disorders and many other heath issues. Many former subscribers and even Kimkins employees joined in a lawsuit, represented by John, and he’s here to share the outcome of this journey through the judicial system. Don’t miss this LLVLC exclusive!

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