186: Interviewing ‘Heart Scan Blog’ Author Dr. William Davis (Part 2)


Following up on Part 1 of my podcast interview with Dr. William Davis which aired on Monday, I’m pleased to share Part 2 of that interview in Episode 186 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore.” Dr. William Davis from “The Heart Scan Blog” continues to explain the truth about how to live a heart-healthy life. In today’s episode, he discusses why LDL cholesterol is pretty much irrelevant unless you know the particle size and shares why the late Tim Russert’s death earlier this year was completely preventable. Dr. Davis knows from whence he speaks!

Now that you’ve heard both parts of my Dr. William Davis interview, what did you think? Did what he have to say make sense? Was there anything you will change about your health management in light of what he discussed? Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Dr. Davis’ book Track Your Plaque: The Only Heart Disease Prevention Program That Shows How to Use the New Heart Scans to Detect, Track and Control Coronary Plaque and visit the “Heart Scan Blog” often for even more from Dr. Davis!