262: Swedish Low-Carb Triathlete Jonas Colting


Hello and welcome back to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

In Episode 262, Jimmy interviews Sweden’s premiere triathlete, Jonas Colting. Jonas actually uses a low-carbohydrate nutritional approach to attain his peak physical performance, and my, oh my, what results he’s had! Jonas has catapulted to one of the most elite athletes in the entire world–and he’s done it by livin’ la vida low-carb!

Listen in to today’s interview as they talk not only about such feats of fitness as biking into the Arctic circle, but also for news on the developing story of official low-carb acceptance by Sweden’s government and population (as previously reported first exclusively right here at this podcast in interviews with Dr. Annika Dahlqvist and Per Wikholm).

Top Swedish low-carb blogger Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
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Jonas Colting’s Ultraman World Champion site
Jonas Colting feature in Sweden’s RUNNERS magazine
Jonas Colting’s Tour of Sweden 2009

12 Responses to 262: Swedish Low-Carb Triathlete Jonas Colting
  1. Per Wikholm
    June 15, 2009 | 2:21 pm

    Great interview!!!

  2. Jimmy Moore
    June 15, 2009 | 3:47 pm

    THANKS Per! Jonas was FANTASTIC!

  3. Marina
    June 16, 2009 | 11:51 am

    Jonas was awesome, he really protrayed the situation here in Sweden well – how it’s all so twisted.

    I was talking to my friend just today, and asked if her father’s family was still eating low-fat milk and low-fat margarine, and she said “Yeah, they still eat healthy”.

    It’s just terrible, this misinformation/infomercial stuff. But I hope it’ll all be reversed so that at least the next generation doesn’t have a hard time eating real food.

  4. Jimmy Moore
    June 17, 2009 | 9:30 am

    And this battle over the definition of what “healthy” is at the heart of everything I have been trying to do over the past few years.

  5. Laura
    June 17, 2009 | 2:45 pm

    Enjoyed the interview. Can you put up a link to the Dr. Annika Dahlqvist interview?

  6. Jimmy Moore
    June 17, 2009 | 2:47 pm

    Laura, we’re still moving everything over from the old site to this new one, so I’m not sure if the link will work. Try this one from my blog post about it. THANKS!

  7. Mary Titus
    June 26, 2009 | 1:27 pm

    Love this podcast, Jimmy. I especially loved hearing Jason say that he eats a high amount of red meat. The idea of training less as a competition grows near is interesting. I will be posting this pod cast.

    I have quite a few posts on Mark’s Daily Apple under the intermittent fasting blog.

  8. Jimmy Moore
    June 27, 2009 | 4:26 pm

    Jonas was quite articulate stating why low-carb works to make him a better athlete. I enjoyed doing this interview.

  9. Carol
    July 19, 2009 | 2:30 pm

    Jimmy this was very interesting. In fact your whole site is very interesting.
    I have been running for years and have spoken to people in the past about reducing your carb intake to improve your performance. Thanks for all the information. Keep up the good work!

  10. Grok
    August 10, 2009 | 3:45 pm

    Money Saving Listener Tip:

    Use that old margarine in your fridge as chain lube.

  11. Lyle
    August 26, 2009 | 8:53 am

    A very interesting take on Sweden. Clearly was not what I had visioned.

  12. allison tornetto
    July 20, 2010 | 4:51 pm

    I was looking for some advice on diet and training.I'm doing my 1st triathlon in oct.I started training 2 wks ago following the palio plan,but im having trouble with the diet.My gut is really bad and i sould'nt have sugar.Can you suggust a subsitute for fruit juice in the recovery shake.I'm currently using egg protien with coconut milk.I'm also a little under weight-5'6 112. thanks

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