143: Per Wikholm Reports On The Low-Carb Lifestyle Living Large In Sweden


There seems to be so much pessimism about the low-carb lifestyle in the United States that it can sometimes make you wonder if anyone in the world actually understands the science behind this way of eating for weight and health management. Unfortunately, the “low-fat diet religion” continues to rule the church of nutrition with a vice-grip that absolutely refuses to let go. But there is hope happening right now within the country of Sweden on behalf of the high-fat, low-fat dietary approach.

In Episode 143 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we catch up with one of the leading voices on behalf of livin’ la vida low-carb in Sweden named Per Wikholm. He is a molecular biologist who stays abreast of the latest happenings in the world of low-carb living in his home country and is a strong proponent of educating the people there about the benefits of the healthy low-carb lifestyle. There’s so much positive happening over there right now with low-carb diets that it should encourage you that GREAT things are to come here in America soon, too!

You’ll recall I interviewed Dr. Annika Dahlqvist from Sweden on my podcast show back in January 2008 when she was vindicated by the government there following a charge by two duh-duh-dietitians there who claimed she was harming her diabetic and obese patients by putting them on a low-carb diet. The ruling was that low-carb is “in accordance with science” and “well tried.” In other words, livin’ la vida low-carb is based on FACTS from the latest research studies and it WORKS in the patients who have tried it. AWESOME!

Per Wikholm gets us all up-to-date on the things that have happened in Sweden regarding the high-fat, low-carb diet, or what they call LCHF, including this 44-month study by Jörgen Vesti Nielsen comparing low-carb with low-fat diets for diabetics published in Nutrition & Metabolism, the reaction to this study from Dr. Dahlqvist, the revelation that the government leaders in charge of the new dietary guidelines are linked to the food industry (GASP–what a surprise! NOT!), and the real changes that are happening in the food purchasing habits of the Swedish people that reveal the LCHF message is sticking. You will be beaming with pride that this way of eating is not just surviving in Sweden, but thriving and on its way to producing BIG CHANGES in that country. If this can happen there, then I have all the confidence in the world we can make it happen in America as well!

Do you have any reaction to the things that are happening in Sweden right now as reported by Per Wikholm in today’s podcast? If you live in the country of Sweden and wish to respond or share your added insights, then please do. We’d LOVE to hear from you!

And a VERY special thanks to Per Wikholm for his willingness to come on the podcast show to share about the exciting news from Sweden. He did a fabulous job and I appreciate him for sharing. Read this op-ed column he wrote in response to the government leaders in charge of Swedish dietary recommendations who are deeply entrenched in the food industry. We need people just like Per in the United States who can call a spade a spade and challenge these hypocritical leaders dictating public health mandates.