107: Courageous Swedish LCHF Physician Dr. Annika Dahlqvist


You know how much I like trying to stay on the cutting edge of information about livin’ la vida low-carb. Well, today I have something to share with you that is so incredibly exciting that I can’t wait for you to hear this for yourself! The news you are about to hear may very well be the beginning of a worldwide change of heart regarding the healthy low-carb lifestyle.

In Episode 107 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore” I share with you the incredible developments happening down in Sweden right now where a key government group called the National Board of Health and Welfare (equivalent to our FDA, USDA, or Surgeon General’s office) declared on January 16, 2008 that (CHECK THIS OUT!) a low-carb diet is “in accordance with science and well-tried experience for reducing obesity and Type 2 diabetes.” WOW! Wanna know how all this came about? Listen to today’s podcast for the details and a worldwide exclusive interview with the woman who made it happen–Dr. Annika Dahlqvist!

What a story! Dr. Dahlqvist was willing to put her entire medical career on the line to defend the low-carb nutritional approach in her home country of Sweden. Although the odds were stacked against her, she KNEW the science was on her side. In the end, she came out of this intense trial triumphant and strong as the Swedish government now promotes a low-carb diet alongside a low-fat one. Are you listening up there in Washington, DC all you health bureaucrats? I’ve been pushing the same thing here in America for years!

Wanna see the Dahlqvist diet that two dietitians in Sweden thought was so dangerous? Click here for a list of the foods her patients eat and then click here to read her explanation for using this approach. It’s healthy low-carb living and Dr. Dahlqvist knew the science as well as her own personal experience would be found worthy in the end. And it was! Do you realize just how HUGE this is?

What do you think about what Dr. Annika Dahlqvist has done over in Sweden? Do you see it as an important first step in other countries following suit to begin recommending low-carb alongside low-fat diets as well? Is this the kind of paradigm shifting development that we supporters of livin’ la vida low-carb have been waiting for? Tell me what YOU think.