99: Gastric Bypass Surgery Interview With Jimmy Moore’s Mom Judiann Crumbley


What a treat I have to share with you today in Episode 99 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore.” I recently had the opportunity to interview the woman who brought me into this world–my mom, Judiann Crumbley. She and my stepfather met us at the beautiful “Glimpse Of Heaven” cabin in the Smoky Mountains near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee last month and we had a very relaxing week together.

Mom sat down for a conversation with me about her gastric bypass surgery experience since she had the controversial procedure done in December 2003–just one month prior to me going on the Atkins diet. You’ll notice my mother is very articulate and didn’t mind sharing the good and the not-so-good about her weight loss journey over these past four years.

Although my mother lost 100 pounds in a little more than a year after having the gastric bypass surgery, everything wasn’t a bed of roses for her. She wasn’t ready for the transition back to real food and began experiencing some rather painful realities along the way. It’s a word to the wise for anyone even thinking about going through this process.

One interesting aspect of the interview is how she said the way carbohydrates impacted her in various ways. She was super-sensitive to sugar and just felt better eating less carbs and more protein. But, as has happened to many weight loss surgery people who get away from the basic tenets of their new lifestyle, you can even gain weight and my mother is no exception. Hear her talk about it and what she KNOWS she needs to do to get back on track again to lose those 10-15 pounds she has put back on.