373: Bloggeranza Week 2: Amy Dungan From Healthy Low-Carb Living


Hello and welcome back to a special week-long edition of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore! After a highly successful Bloggeranza Week in April 2010 featuring some of the top bloggers in the world of diet, health, and low-carb living, it’s back and better than ever with five more of your favorite bloggers sharing about the great work they are doing spreading the message of living a healthy lifestyle. Today’s interviewee is Amy Dungan, long-time low-carb blogger.

Amy Dungan bio
Healthy Low Carb Living Blog
Amy Dungan’s St. Louis Low-Carb Examiner
Amy Dungan’s YouTube channel
“Low Carb Reality” column by Amy Dungan at CarbSmart.com
Amy Dungan Photography
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