373: Bloggeranza Week 2: Amy Dungan From Healthy Low-Carb Living

Hello and welcome back to a special week-long edition of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore! After a highly successful Bloggeranza Week in April 2010 featuring some of the top bloggers in the world of diet, health, and low-carb living, it’s back and better than ever with five more of your favorite bloggers sharing about the great work they are doing spreading the message of living a healthy lifestyle. Today’s interviewee is Amy Dungan, long-time low-carb blogger.

- Amy Dungan bio
- Healthy Low Carb Living Blog
- Amy Dungan’s St. Louis Low-Carb Examiner
- Amy Dungan’s YouTube channel
- “Low Carb Reality” column by Amy Dungan at CarbSmart.com
- Amy Dungan Photography
- Healthy Low Carb Living on Facebook

  • http://www.TheBunnellFarm.com Tom Bunnell

    I always find it interesting when two “Titans” of the industry of long standing, discuss the whole low carb issue and phenomena and never one time is a word said regarding “traditional eating and drinking” like we did for tens of thousands of years with zero obesity and zero diabetes and zero heart disease and zero cancer and with us all living to be 100 years old and more in perfect health and with nothing man made or man bred or man grown, eaten or drunken.

    • http://www.livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog Jimmy Moore

      Those things are assumed, my friend.

  • http://www.meandjorge.com Amber

    Great podcast! I totally agree with what you both say here, so true. Thanks Jimmy!

  • mary titus

    What I love about this podcast is the discussion of reality. Low carb is amazingly healthy even if you do not reach your weightloss goals. Low carb is a blessing and I do believe that God intended for us to eat real whole fatty/protein foods.That’s why its on the planet. My answer to everything is also low carb.My kids have migraines and I tell them that low carb will cure them. A friend of mine has a movement disorder and when I heard about it I immediately emailed him and told him that he really should look into low carb…more importantly ketogenic.
    Sometimes doctors are smarter than we think huh? When my doctor saw that my glucose was elevated he told me to watch my carbs. My family supports LC but don’t really worry about their own carb intake. Love this podcast.

  • donna

    I really enjoyed the interview with Amy. The low carb (low gi) diet is a little bit of a shock to all of us at first. Our dietary culture has changed so much with the rise of so many fast food restaurants and is so ingrained into our thoughts and habits that we never think of carbs as "toxic" until we reach adulthood and our bodies rebel in one way or another. Keep us the good work.
    Thanks, Donna

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