341: Susan Siljander From Grassroots Health On Vitamin D

341: Susan Siljander From Grassroots Health On Vitamin D

Hello and welcome back to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

We have a special episode today with not just one, but two outstanding guests! First up, previous guest Lierre Keith (listen to our February 2010 interview with her) has been in the news this week and she’s here to clear the air about an attack she suffered for her pro-omnivore views of health. How serious was the attack? Well, considering that she suffers from a degenerative bone disease and was attacked with cayenne pepper-laced pies forcefully thrown at her head, it was pretty brutal. Lierre has given us an exclusive interview today discussing this entire ordeal.

Next up is Jimmy’s conversation with Susan Siljander from Grassroots Health, an organization dedicated to public health education and in particular, the developers of the Vitamin D-Action intitiative to spread the word on the importance of maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D. If you want to know how this supplement can radically improve your health, then you won’t want to miss this podcast!

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