308: Dr. Duane Graveline Says Statins Permanently Damage Mitochondria


Hello and welcome back to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

Today, Jimmy shares his conversation with a bona fide hero of space science who is now devoted to fixing one important aspect of medical science. His name is Dr. Duane Graveline and the issue he is so passionately concerned with is the little-acknowleged but major problem of statin over-prescription.

Empirical experience, followed by almost a decade of researching the published data has led Dr. Graveline to the conclusion that statins are effective almost by accident, and that they — at the doses doctors currently recommend — cause major, permanent damage to human mitochondrial DNA, resulting in loss of strength, join pain, memory loss and more.

Topics discussed include: the falseness of the cholesterol theory of atherosclerosis, the real reason small amounts of statins can help atherosclerosis, why CoQ-10 is a MUST for anyone taking a statin, why you cannot buy a pill with a statin and CoQ-10 together, the 7 “critical sugars” (including glyco-protein), the importance of Vitamin E from tocotrienol, and the importance of vitamin D and Omega 6 supplementation.

You’ll get all of this and much, MUCH more in today’s really in-depth, straight shooting look at the cholesterol versus inflammation theories of atherosclerosis!

Dr. Duane Graveline bio
The Statin Damage Crisis
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