846: Will White Envisions Where The Paleo Diet Will Be In 25 Years

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Iraq war veteran, standup comedian, and Paleo visionary Will White is our interview guest today in Episode 846 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”



Every successful movement needs visionaries who can assess the current trends and make educated predictions about what will happen in the future. That’s the role that Denver, CO-based Paleo advocate Will White from “Caveman Cafeteria” has taken on in the Paleo community seeing how to make this lifestyle sustainable from a business perspective to help the message remain relevant to the masses who need to hear about it. You might recall his Kickstarter campaign to open the first Paleo food stand in Denver in 2013 and now he’s turned to focusing on his very successful Paleo meal delivery service along with offering Paleo nutrition coaching from his company’s in-house nutritionist Heather Kelly.

Listen to Jimmy and Will have quite the eclectic conversation about a wide variety of subjects, including how he got interested in fitness and eventually finding Crossfit, his Kickstarter campaign to start a Paleo food truck and catering business in Denver, Colorado, why a food truck is a good business model “if you’re not very good at math,” the incredible difficulty of making a profitable business as a Paleo restaurant, why he believes a healthy Paleo meal delivery service is the future moneymaking business opportunity, the success of a similar meal delivery service called The Fresh Diet, why he chose the term “caveman” in his business name instead of Paleo or ancestral, his in-house nutritionist Heather Kelly from “OPENutrition” who promotes Paleo nutrition to customers, his #FeedARevolution passion he lives by, why average, everyday people aren’t as conscious of the issue of food sustainability, how close we are to the “vertical farming” concept being a reality, why people need to stop relying on the government to do things for us, how Paleo convinced him that we are self-sufficient as individuals and don’t need help, the problem with giving doctors an incentive to promote drugs, Robb Wolf’s work with the first responders in Reno, Nevada, the new marijuana edibles brand he’s developing called Low Carb High, and more. Will is a bit eccentric and some might say just a little crazy. But we could use more forward-thinking people like him to bring Paleo to the forefront of mainstream thinking.




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One Response to 846: Will White Envisions Where The Paleo Diet Will Be In 25 Years
  1. This Old Housewife
    July 24, 2014 | 7:07 am

    Hopefully, in 25 years, the truth about nutritional science will be well-outed, and the Paleo/Primal/keto diets will be mainstream. One thing we have in our favor is that most of the detractors are older than us, and will die before us, taking their misinformation with them. We will be left standing to carry the nutritional torch for the next generations…oh, and let’s not forget the legions of kids who are right now being raised Paleo/Primal/keto, and who will raise their kids the same way, who will help carry the ball over the endzone after we’re gone.

    Keys and his acolytes, as well as the politicians and lobbyists who helped advance his cause, will also be gone, and replaced (hopefully) by more open-minded, fact-checking researchers, politicians, and lobbyists. Hey–if Tea Partiers can do it, why can’t we?

    Maybe WE should start trying to make inroads into politics? That may be the last boat we need to rock. Look what it did for Ancel Keys!

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